‘Criminals’ Behaving Like ‘Satyagrahis’ In Telangana – Tarun Chugh

हैदराबाद: भाजपा के राष्ट्रीय महासचिव तरुण चुघ ने रविवार को कहा कि तेलंगाना में ‘अपराधी’ खुद को ‘सत्याग्रहियों’ के रूप में पेश कर रहे हैं। उन्होंने कहा कि श्रीमती कविता के प्रकरण में यह स्पष्ट रूप से प्रदर्शित किया गया।

Hyderabad : BJP national general secretary Tarun Chugh today said that ‘criminals’ in Telangana are conducting themselves as ‘satygrahis’. He said it was clearly demonstrated in Smt. Kavita’s episode. The artificial protest for the women’s reservation bill in New Delhi on March 10 and the drama that BRS leaders created while Mrs Kavita was summoned for her deposition before the ED on March 11, are pointers to the systematic attack being unleashed by a nexus of leaders facing serious charges of corruption.  He said BJP takes strong exception to the way a section of opposition parties has been trying to malign the statutory institutions without realizing the impact such a campaign would have on the morale of the personnel.

Chugh took strong exception to the manner 

 BRS leaders, including ministers, MPs, MLAs, and public representatives, trooped into New Delhi as though the heavens had fallen. Their histrionics in the national capital are a glaring example of malicious propaganda to deflect the attention of the people from the core issue of brazen corruption.

 Chugh said KCR and his family looted Telangana during the last nine years. As though that loot is not enough, the money-thirsty family descended on New Delhi to join the loot in connivance with AAP leaders. When the scam was out in the public domain, they took the usual recourse to propaganda to malign Prime Minister Narendra Modi  and the institutions. What is baffling is their brazenness, even as charges of corruption stare into their faces. There seems to be a pattern in the way the accused behave. Manish Sisodia holds rallies before going to ED, and  Kavita is flanked by its top leaders.

 People in general are curious. ‘Aparadhis’ behave like  ‘Satyagrahis’, perpetrators of crime play victims, all this in the hope that their theatrics will bury their crimes under the carpet. The people of the nation are wiser. They know the truth about corruption and understand the tactics of criminals.  BRS leaders will repeat these games once again on the 16th and will continue their false propaganda against the prime Minister and the institutions. It is not going to help them in any way.

 It is wiser for Kavita to face the ED like any other accused and answer the questions. I appeal to the Chief Minister of Telangana to refrain from orchestrating cheap polemics from the portals of Pragati Bhavan, as institutions wouldn’t be intimidated by falsehood, and people wouldn’t believe the propaganda.

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